Hello World!

My name is Mikhail Dunaev.

I'm 36 years old Engineering Manager / Software developer from Moscow, Russia, based in Tallinn, Estonia during the last 3 years.


• 12+ years in software development. Moscow: RIA Novosti, Rambler&Co. Estonia: Evolution Gaming, Paxful.

• 5+ years of engineering leadership experience.

• Expert in Frontend development. React, Redux, Typescript, Functional approach.

• Experience in building a Frontend Department from the scratch to 30+ developers. Setting up workflows, gitflow. Building an exemplary working environment based on the motivation.

• Managing Product Design and R+D departments.

• Management skills with Scrum. Certified Agile Professional, Experience in making technical decisions based on business needs.

• The organiser of the frontend meetup - Tallinn.js. Speaker at various technical meetups.

• Experience as a hiring manager and interviewer for different positions.

• Managing distributed software development teams.

• Also I'm interested in blockchain.
My hobby project for Ethereum blockchain - eth/place.

Some of my talks at various conferences:

DevClub 2018 / Tallinn
DevClub 2017 / Tallinn
MoscowJS 2016 / Moscow
MoscowJS 2015 / Moscow
FrontendConf 2015 / Moscow
Longform CMS
Longform CMS
Digital publishing system for internal use at Rambler inc. It is an isomorphic web application for generating long articles like on medium.com, with flexible add new component system.
The app has two parts.

The first one is user and articles management.
Administrator can create new users with different roles and new articles.
The second one is wysiwyg component editor. Designer can create article from components and download it as static files.

Frontend and backend parts and GUI concept i did by myself.
Technological stack is React+Redux at frontend and Node.js + Express.js for server-side rendering and working with MongoDB.
Some examples made by Longform:

Longread. Article about russian industrial city Norilsk which is located above the Arctic Circle.

Circles of Hell
Circles of Hell
"Circles of Hell" budding entrepreneur. This is the interactive website where the most common mistakes of beginning entrepreneurs are stated.
Game mechanics and friendly cartoon stylistics of illustrations turned the project into informative entertainment lasting no more than 3 minutes.
All animation was made in Adobe Edge Animate with export to html+js.
Additional scripts allow to connect browser scroll with animation frame.

20 years of the State Duma
20 years of the State Duma
Data visualisation which shows you the party composition of each convocation. The Russian Duma had six convocations. Each of them is drown as a separate column. Each point is the member of parliament.
You can see the transition of every MP from party to party, MP who was involved in all convocations or who often changed their political views and other interesting things.

Who pays the pension
Who pays the pension
Infographics about expenses for senior citizens support. The data shows the age composition since 1995 to 2030.

Interactive installations
for the Future Media Forum
Interactive installations
for the Future Media Forum
Two installations for the forum about new media. The first one is Arduino that counts how many people walk upstairs and displays the statistics on the screen.
The second is "digital shadow". We used Kinect to create a 3D model of the user and display this model on big screen with some video effects.

Configurator of the State Duma
Configurator of the State Duma
This is a tool for comparing MPs’ parameters. It can be the number of speeches or his/her income. Foe example: MPs with a small income have more speeches.

The Central Children's Store
The Central Children's Store
Longread about the Central Children's Store opened after great reconstruction. It has an adaptive layout. The animation was made in Adobe Animate.

Generative Identity for Webinar.ru
Generative Identity for Webinar.ru
Development web version of generative logo and covers for Webinars.ru. The design depends on webinar name, number of participants, tags, duration, category and etc. You can try to create you own cover.


Director of Engineering
Built a UX Department from scratch. More than 30 employees.
Paxful OÜ
November 2018 - current

JavaScript Developer
Development of various types of online casino games
Evolution Gaming Estonia
January 2017 – April 2018

Senior Frontend Developer
Development from scratch and organising workflow process of a website with news of science - https://indicator.ru/
April 2016 – December 2016

Frontend Developer
Development and support biggest news website in Russia - http://lenta.ru
April 2014 – April 2016

Team Lead / Actionscript Developer
Development and management small group of developers (6 person)
RIA Novosti
January 2011 – April 2014

Art Director
Brand Identity Definition
Kraft Group
May 2008 – December 2010